martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

The travel of Atlanthic

I love travel and my family wanted travel to other countries of South America. We choose

First we flied to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Baires is amaizing, because you can find a differents activities to do. You can visit 'La Bombonera', the most popular stadium in South America and eat a 'pizza on the stone' in a nice restaurant of the centre.

We hanged around to the streets of Buenos Aires. We knew 'The Market of Abastos' and had lunch in a buffet. Later i went to La Plata for watch the match River-Chacarita. That moment was the worst in the travel, becuse i had a lot of problems: i arrived when the match had started and i didn't enter to stadium. The police tried to hit the people and i ran to save me. After that, two hooligans wanted steal my money then i ran to the bus station. I arrived to the hotel later, but i was save.

The next day, we went to Uruguay. We arrived to Punta del Este, a beautiful beach in the east coast of South America. In that place, you can find quietness. That moment was the best of the travel. We ate 'milanesas', a typical food of Uruguay and later we went to swim. It was very funny and we loved that place.

It was a good travel.

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